State Radio – Bowery Ballroom 2007

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, Dispatch has recently updated their website with a cryptic countdown timer. The countdown will end at the New Year, but it’s clear that the oft-broken up band with a massive cult following isn’t just counting down to 2011. Rumors are swirling with everything from world tours to new albums.

Personally, I prefer State Radio, Chad Stokes’ current band. And so, continuing our One Big Holiday of Bootlegs, check out this State Radio bootleg from 2007.

Update: My brother Ezra just directed me Dispatch’s Facebook page which has a photo album featuring barcodes, which when scanned bring up the following locations in Google Maps:

  • Morrison, CO
  • Chicago, IL
  • Berekely, CA
  • Boston, MA (hey! I live there!)
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Harrison, NJ

So, it’s looking more like a tour than anything else. Hurrah!

Download the entire show here.

State Radio – Intro

State Radio – Held Up By The Wires

State Radio – Black Cab Motorcade

State Radio – The Diner Song

State Radio – Stalling/Happy Birthday

State Radio – Wicker Plane

State Radio – Gunship Politico

State Radio – Sudan

State Radio – Mr. Larkin

State Radio – Barn Storming

State Radio – Fall (Take 1)

State Radio – Fall Of The American Empire

State Radio – Right Me Up (Take 1)

State Radio – Right Me Up

State Radio – Good Graces

State Radio – Time Served

State Radio – Revolutionaries

State Radio – Man In The Hall

State Radio – Camilo

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