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My Favorite 25 Albums of 2010: 10 – 1

And now, Part 2 of the best albums of 2010: Continue reading

My Favorite 25 Albums of 2010: 25 – 11

The album, unlike the single, is a complete offering. It’s not just verse, chorus, verse, chorus, interlude, chorus, outro. It’s not one lone musical idea. It’s an entire pallet of ideas. It’s an opera, a play, a novel. The album can be one of the greatest pieces of art, and when properly done, it’s magical.

And so, here are my favorite albums of 2010 (part 1): Continue reading

My Favorite 10 11 Singles of 2010

In this musical day and age, the single has once again become the most important item to further an artist’s career. It started off as the single, in the 60s when bands were forced by their record companies to put out a new single every few weeks. Then we moved to the golden age of the album, where bands were allowed the creativity and given the time to properly craft entire musical theses, instead of mere thoughts. Then we moved to the music video, and now, in the age of the internet, mixtapes, and iTunes downloads – the single is the most powerful musical item once again.

While I prefer albums, I must admit that as a blogger, singles are my bread and butter. Leaked albums are few and far between these days, so single releases or leaks are what I’m able to hear, share, and write about the most. And so, I present to you my favorite 10 11 singles of 2010: Continue reading

Best of 2010 – Late Realizations

While working on my Best Of 2010 posts, there have been a few bands and albums that I’ve neglected throughout the year. Some I listened to and didn’t think much of. Others I just recently picked up. But all of these songs are awesome, and they all belong in this post.

These aren’t the best songs of the year, nor are all of the albums they’re found on the best albums of the year. But due to my apparent inefficiency in listening to music, I’ve glossed over these, and feel obligated to share them with you before the year is done.

Justin Townes Earle – Slippin’ and Slidin’

Deerhunter – Sailing

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Beat The Devil’s Tattoo