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Eddie Vedder – Wang Theater, Boston (6-16-11)

For a band to command an audience is a challenging task. For one man to do that alone is even tougher. And to do that in Boston, the night after the Bruins win the Stanley Cup, using only a ukulele seems like an impossibility. Yet Eddie Vedder was able to not just command, but captivate this crowd of rowdy Bostonians using a tiny four-string instrument. Continue reading

Eddie Vedder @ The Wang Theater Tonight!

I’m itching to get out of work and head down to the Wang (teehee!) Theater for Eddie Vedder’s solo show. Though I know these shows are supposed to be quiet toned down affairs, I can’t imagine that will be the case in a Boston that just won the Stanley Cup for the first time in 39 years. The place is going to be nuts. Can’t wait.

Pearl Jam – Throw Your Arms Around Me

Congrats, Boston Bruins

Congrats, Boston Bruins on a fantastic Stanley Cup Championship Game 7. A unbelievable playoff run that including three series’ going to a full seven games. Here’s to hoping we get off work to go to the parade on Friday.

Queen – We Are The Champions

Dropkick Murphys – I’m Shipping Up To Boston

Local Natives at Paradise Club

Last night marked an important point in my concert-going career. Not only did I attend my first concert since moving to Boston, but I went to my first concert alone. I realize that sounds kind of pathetic, but Elana had work to do, I only bought a ticket on Thursday night, and I really wanted to see the band. All of this led me to the conclusion that it was better to go alone than not at all. Continue reading

I’ve been to Boston before

Counting Crows – Walkaways

I gotta rush away, she said,
I been to Boston before.
and anyways
this change I been feeling
doesn’t make the rain fall

No big differences these days
just the same old walkaways
and someday
i’m gonna stay
but not today