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Live Stuff: Fleet Foxes, Adele, Kings of Leon, and Arcade Fire

There were a few technical difficulties in the last few weeks regarding some of the music I’ve posted (read: I post leaked material and artists don’t really like that). But that’s all been ironed out and I’m back in full force to share some great live tracks with you that I’ve recently uncovered and added to my arsenal of bootlegged brilliance.

Some of these bands I’ve loved forever. Others I’ve discovered or learned to appreciate more recently. Some have even fallen out of favor in my eyes in recent years. But what all of these bands have in common is a fantastic live presence.

So check out the tracks, and enjoy.

Fleet Foxes – Mykonos (live)

Adele – Rolling In The Deep (live)

Kings of Leon – Fans (live)

Arcade Fire – Wake Up (live)

Kings Of Leon – Come Around Sundown

Kings Of Leon have grown up, and I don’t like it. They’re like your crazy drinking buddy who used to be a party and a half to hang out with, but has since gotten married, had kids, and become domesticated. I’m not saying those are bad things – but when he starts talking about stocks, strollers, and wine tasting, it makes you wonder where the old guy went.

This is Kings Of Leon. They went from whiskey-guzzling Southerners to wine sipping New Yorkers. From blues-rock screaming kids to arena rock singing adults. It’s not that this album as a whole isn’t good; it’s just that I miss the old KOL.

I’ve live tweeted my thoughts on the album, and I’m sharing my favorite track. Hope you enjoy.

Kings Of Leon – Mi Amigo

1. The End – Ok. If they keep it up, this will be the end of the band. Sounds EXACTLY like the last album. Move on, guys.
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Kings Get Pigeoned

I guess I understand…somewhat. I mean, if pigeons were crapping on me I would probably be pretty upset. But then again, ending a concert because you’ve been “pigeoned” is probably the least rock and roll thing you can do. When KOL put out their latest album, trading their snarly brand of southern rock while guzzling scotch for a U2 inspired arena sound I still stuck by them. And when they traded their whiskey guzzling persona for a “classier” one by being photographed for Rolling Stone holding glasses of wine, I didn’t let that bother me either. As long as they’re still truly rock and roll, who cares, right?

So ya, leaving stage cause a bunch of pigeons crapped on you is pretty un-rock or roll.

Pearl Jam – I Got Shit

Kings of Leon – Velvet Snow

P.S. If you agree to sell me your Black Keys tickets on Craigslist, don’t be an ass and re-neg on the deal, deciding you want to sell them for more. Truly uncool.

Music My Weird Tutor Listens To

[About the author: Aaron Gold was a camper of mine a few summers ago, and more recently has been a writing center tutee who worked with me many times over this past school year.]

This is my second official post for TSU. According to Ariel, my first post, an ode to jam bands such as the Disco Biscuits and STS9, was written like an Adderall crazed 9th grader. [Edit: These are not the official thoughts or opinions of this blog. Mr. Gold was not in 9th grade at the time of his first guest post, and the editor is unaware of which, if any, medications Mr. Gold was on at the time.] Continue reading

Going To California

If you’re reading this, then I’m already on my way to California (or maybe even there, if you don’t check your Google Reader as frequently as I do). But yes, Gilad chose to have his Make-A-Wish trip in California, so we’re all packing up for a well deserved weeklong vacation. It should be a blast, and I’ve set up posts for the entire week, including a few special guests.

So keep checking back, and keep listening to the music.

Led Zeppelin – Going To California

Subway Mix 1

I’ve decided to introduce a new feature to this blog. As I have to take the subway every day to get to school, I spend a lot of time listening to music in transit. And while I haven’t been doing this enough, I really need to start making subway mixes. My transit from door to door comes to about 30 +/- 3 minutes on average, so I’m going to be rolling out a few mixes that are approximately 35 minutes, just in case there are any delays in transit.

I tried to include some old stuff, some new stuff, and some stuff you may not know yet. Enjoy!

Note: Songs are available for STREAM ONLY. If you like the song, buy the album.

The Morning Benders – Promises Continue reading