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Wedding Setlist

So, for those of you who missed out on the awesome party on Sunday night, I figured I’d share some of the setlist. Here are a few of the (English) songs that were played as we walked down the aisle, and a bunch more to which we danced our asses off later in the night. Continue reading

Four days…

I’m getting married to the love of my life in four days. That’s right – in just four days, Elana and I will be tying the knot forever, and I cannot be more excited or happier.

E – I’ll love you forever.

Pearl Jam – Love Reign O’er Me (from Chicago 9-23-09, our first PJ concert together)

The Beatles – When I’m Sixty-Four

December 8th – John Lennon & Dimebag Darrell

December 8th marks the yartzeit (anniversary) of the murders of two very different, but very important musicians: John Lennon and Dimebag Darrell. Most people would chastise me for putting Dimebag in the same sentence as Mr. Lennon, but today we’ll pay tribute to both of these musical icons – each important in their own way.

Now if only I could find an All-Star jam with Lennon and Dimebag playing together…

Teenage Tunes – Part 1: Classic Rock

Today’s Teenage Tunes will feature older songs. Some of you actually grew up in these ears. Others of you must not have realized that you were allowed to change the dial from your parents’ classic rock stations. Still, more of you may even have chosen on your own to avoid the alternative rock of your youth in favor of the music of your parents.

Whatever your reason, these are a collection of your songs – those songs that you listened to during those ridiculous years of teenagehood (sic).

Janis Ian -At  Seventeen Continue reading

John Lennon – In Memoriam

Seventy years ago, today, on October 9, 1940, John Lennon was born. Forty years and almost two months later, he was tragically killed in front of his apartment building in New York City. One of the greatest songwriters of all time, his music with The Beatles (and beyond) helped develop rock music into what it is today. Albums like Sgt. Pepper’s, The White Album, and Abbey Road are some of the greatest musical offerings of all time, and Lennon was no small part of that.

He was, without a doubt, one of the most important musicians of the 20th century and maybe of all time. Despite his his death 30 years ago, and The Beatles’ breakup ten years before that, their music continues to be just as important as it was when it was released.

So, to remember this great man, fantastic musician, and unbelievable songwriter, check out the songs, and remember John Lennon.

The Beatles – Dear Prudence

The Beatles – Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)

The Beatles – Across The Universe

Weird Uncle Music – Volume 13

Back with more radio show goodness. We’re just as dumb on this one, but at least the music seems to be getting better. Highlights include Bad Radio (early Eddie Vedder band) and Chris Cornell.

Music Your Weird Uncle Loves – Volume 13 Continue reading

Weird Uncle Music – Episode 11

Friends, this post has been a long time in the making.

For a year and a half, while attending Yeshiva University, I co-hosted a radio show called Music Your Weird Uncle Listens To/Music Your Weird Uncle Likes/Philosophers of Art. (We could never really remember exactly what the name was.) We had a great time, spending one hour a week just listening to music, being total idiots, and having a grand old time.

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