Posts About Gilad

As per some of your requests, I’m going through the old blog archives, and collecting all my posts about Gilad, the music we shared, and the beautiful time we had together during his all too short life.

I Will Hold A Candle Till It Burns Up My Arm

It’s Ok

Backstage at Aerosmith and ZZ-Top


Pearl Jam – MSG1 2010

Going to California


And there’s nobody around to break my fall…


Music in mono

I’m Still Alive

The happiest of birthdays

Gilad Schwartz: The Unreleased Demos

Four Months

Can I Get A Little Respect

Springtime without Gilad

One response to “Posts About Gilad

  1. Thanks for putting it up,i read & listened to it all,and it meant a lot to me.It feels like Gilad is with us when i listen to these songs.
    hang in there!love you

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