I Will Hold A Candle Till It Burns Up My Arm

[N0te: This piece first appeared in an earlier instance of my blog (troubledsoulsunite.blogspot.com) which has since been shut down. It’s being reposted here under the “Posts About Gilad” section of the blog.]

Just the other day, I was talking to my brother, and he mentioned how he loves the second verse of Indifference, by Pearl Jam.

You mean-
I will hold a candle till it burns up my arm
I asked.

I’ll keep taking punches until their will grows tired.

So when we ourselves can’t verbalize the words that get us through the day, we turn to our poets, or musicians, and our lyricists to do it for us. Eddie always has been able to, and always wil have that power.

I will stare the sun down, until my eyes go blind.
I won’t change direction, I won’t change my mind.

This one’s for anyone who needs something to hold onto right now.

Pearl Jam – Indifference

2 responses to “I Will Hold A Candle Till It Burns Up My Arm

  1. thanks for this post.. and for your blog. i appreciate it.

  2. it’s definitely some heavy writing going on in that tune…one AWE-SOME song that seems to mean more and more to me…

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