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Physics For Everyone!

Though this is a music blog, I would be remiss not to mention the excitement in the world of physics that took place yesterday, literally shaking the foundations of the science as we know it.

In short, a group of European physicists measured tiny particles (called neutrinos) that traveled faster than the speed of light. This is pretty big, because science is of the opinion that nothing can exceed the speed of light, and basically everything in science is based on this. Assuming the experiment can be verified and the data is real, this means that physics, namely Einstein’s 1905 Special Theory of Relativity, needs to be reёvaluated (or at least qualified).

Hooray for science!

The Flaming Lips – What Is The Light?

Counting Crows – Einstein On The Beach

Flying Lotus – Physics For Everyone!

I took a train from California

I know I’ve posted this bootleg before, but in Ilan’s memory I’d like to put it up again. It’s one of their earliest boots in existence; taken from their first ever tour in 1993. While Adam hadn’t yet begun his trend of going on lyrical tangents during the songs, this boot does feature two fantastic unreleased songs (Open All Night and Margery) and an unbelievable cover of Van Morrison’s Caravan.

And while Ilan introduced me to Van Morrison through this bootleg (even though I introduced him to the boot itself), it’s Oh Margery which stands out on the most recent listens.

I took a train from California to the far side of the continent, woke up in Kentucky where the wedding was about to end.

Missing you so much it hurts, Ilan.

Download the entire show here. Continue reading

Adam Duritz – The Dark End of The Street

It’s weird to get a Valentine’s Day song posted by Adam Duritz, the Counting Crows singer/frontman who is as well known for his terrible relationships as he is for his music. But then again, when Chips Moman and Dan Penn  first penned (pun intended) this tune for James Carr, it was part of their goal of “always wanting to come up with the best cheatin’ song. Ever.

And while the vocals are raw, and the recording isn’t the best. But somehow, that makes it sound even better to me.

So from Adam Duritz to you, here’s a nice anti-Valentine. Stream the track below, or download it from Adam’s Soundcloud page.

Adam Duritz – The Dark End of The Street Continue reading

Today is 1996

I woke up this morning, convinced that I’d time-traveled back to the mid/late 90s. Round Here, by the Counting Crows was on the radio. Then Bush, Pearl Jam, Sugar Ray, and Weezer. If not for a new Linkin Park song wedged in there (which, by the way, is a whole new type of unlistenable (sic) Linkin Park. I really appreciate it when terrible bands keep their crap fresh), I would’ve been convinced that I was listening to 98 Rock, and was about to get up and ready so my dad could drive me to my 7th grade classes.

I’ve checked this anomaly of a radio station (Radio 929 in Boston), and their entire morning playlist is riddled with late 90s gems. Before I awoke they had played Sneaker Pimps, Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam (twice?), Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Cake, Alanis Morisette, Blink 182, Black Crowes, Dave Matthews, Green Day, STP, and Harvery Freaking Danger. When was the last time Flagpole Sitta was actually played on the radio?

This amazingly 90s playlist, coupled with the fact that they had exactly 1 minute of commercials while I was listening this AM, have led me to the conclusion that this is a radio station of the gods, and that I must appease it by posting in its honor. Enjoy.

Counting Crows – Round Here *Amazing live version, where Adam goes into Van Morrison’s ‘Sweet Thing.’

Bush – Comedown

Pearl Jam – Even Flow *This is the version from one of the Ten sessions. Check out the SRV inspired solo.

Sugar Ray – Fly

Weezer – Buddy Holly *Remember when Windows 95 came with the video for this song. Good times.

[Edit: Between the time I left home and got to work, the station played Hootie and the Blowfish, Cypress Hill,  a second round of Black Crowes, Smashing Pumpkins, and Dave Matthews, Offspring, and Mighty Mighty Bosstones. This station truly is glorious.]

I’ve been to Boston before

Counting Crows – Walkaways

I gotta rush away, she said,
I been to Boston before.
and anyways
this change I been feeling
doesn’t make the rain fall

No big differences these days
just the same old walkaways
and someday
i’m gonna stay
but not today


For those of you who don’t know yet, I’m a big fan of the Counting Crows, and basically anything Adam Duritz does. I know many of you will deride this and that’s ok. I like him not only despite his whiny complaints about his love life, but actually because of it. Maybe it’s a bit voyeuristic to see someone pour their heart out onstage like Adam does at every show, but then again, music is an emotional experience and Adam manages to make sure of that with every song.

Enter Sordid Humor. This late 80s alt rock outfit actually featured Adam on backing vocals for a few tracks, as well as David Immerglück (one of CC’s guitarists) as the bassist for a few songs.

And though Adam’s only singing the background parts, he manages to move the song from an alternative ditty, to an emotional ballad that would fit perfectly on any Crows album.


Sordid Humor – Barbarossa