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U2 – M&T Bank Stadium (6.22.11)

[Editor’s note: This guest post was written by my little brother Ezra, who attended the U2 show in Baltimore on Wednesday night. This is his second or third guest post here.]

As I was walking out of M&T Bank Stadium in downtown Baltimore Wednesday night after seeing U2, one of the most mind-blowing performances I had ever witnessed, I was at a loss for words. Just one word kept on playing through my mind: incredible. Everything about the night was simply incredible. The fantastic light show, the complex stage, the pure energy of the 75,000+ crowd. Everything was incredible. Continue reading

Gogol Bordello Has Energy – Live at Terminal 5

[Guest post written once again by Mr. Avi Kelin. For more on him, click here and here. For more on this Gogol Bordello show, click here]

Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan

You can possibly chalk this up to my training as a reader and a writer, but I’m the type of person who focuses on the lyrics of the music I listen to. So what was I to do with Gogol Bordello, a band whose lyrics approach inscrutability* and whom I saw in person on the first of January, 2011?

*Seriously; here’s a segment from “Start Wearing Purple,” one of the group’s most popular songs:

So yeah, I know it all from Diogenes to the Foucault
from Lozgechkin to Passepartout
I ja kljanus obossav dva paltza – chto ty!
shto muzyka poshla ot “zvukov moo.”

I have no idea who three out of those four people are nor do I know the meaning and language of the last two lines. Continue reading

Tom Waits, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer

[This guest post was written by my dear friend, blogmate, former roommate, and future groomsman – Avi Kelin. Check him out at his blogs: The Daily Snowman and IfByPhone.]

It makes sense that Hakeem Olajuwon was great at playing basketball: he was seven feet tall, strong as a bull, and moved like a ballerina. Similarly, it makes sense that George Clooney is a movie star: he can act, he’s smart, and he very much looks the part.  Continue reading

Happy-child indie-rock

[Note: Today’s post was written by a friend and camper of mine, Aaron Gold. Enjoy his happy-child indie-rock. Also, he’s running a half marathon to raise money for seriously ill children, so support him here.]

Today will forever be known as the day after 10/10/10. [Edit: Obviously he sent me the post on the 11th. My lack of ambition had me post it two days late.] My highlighter has a better chance in going down in history as something greater then this day. What’s the point? The point is, life is too fucking short to keep playing the same song over and over. How many times do we have to listen to Lady Gaga before wanting to put our heads in a wood-chipper? (according to my iTunes, 121 times)

So as some of us find ourselves stuck in the midst of a grueling semester, grinding out long hours in the library, it’s time for a change. I’m not talking Barak Obama change, I’m talking Che Guevara change, full-on communist takeover change. [Edit: I do not promote these political views. Che was a brutal revolutionary who horribly murdered many innocent citizens.] Here’s a little indie swag to brighten your day.

Matt & Kim – Daylight Continue reading