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Jack White – Love Is Blindness

Jack White is ruddy brilliant. Vocally. Instrumentally. Interpretationally (sic). His cover of U2’s “Love Is Blindness” for the album AHK-toong BAY-bi, a cover album of of Achtung Baby, celebrating the seminal album’s 20th anniversary.

Thanks to Consequences of Sound for posting the track, and be sure to check it out below, as well as a live version of the U2 original.

Jack White – Love Is Blindness

U2 – Love Is Blindness

Black Milk – Rain

Being the first hip hop artist to be released by Jack White’s “Third Man Records” is quite an important status, considering the quality of the music that Mr. White releases through his high quality label. That said, it’s no surprise that this isn’t your standard hip hop song. With bits of funk and soul peppered in, this song should be enjoyed by listeners of every musical genre.

The Dead Weather – Coachella 2010

I was speaking with a friend yesterday about bands I really want to see in concert, and one of my top acts actually contained three subsets. The concert I really would love to go to is a Jack White concert. I know – he has three bands. And I know, they all have very different sounds. But I’m pretty sure that 30 years from now, kids will look at the Jack White collection like I looked at Eric Clapton’s music as a young child when I first attained a copy of Cream of Clapton. Though my dad could tell every nuanced difference between Clapton’s solo work, his Derek and the Dominoes songs, and his brilliant Cream tracks, to me this was just one brilliant guitarist with an awesome greatest hits album.

Jack White is just the same. Sure, he surrounds himself with amazing musicians (Alison Moshart, Brendan Benson), but so did Clapton (Steve Winwood, Duane Allman, Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker), and in the end it was Clapton’s artistic vision and genius that shone through all those years later; it’s going to be the same thing with Mr. White. While I admit that neither The Raconteurs nor The Dead Weather are the supergroup that Cream was, I still opine that Jack White his ability to create fantastic music with any group of people places him as one of the most talented musicians, songwriters, and performers of our generation.

Enjoy this recent The Dead Weather bootleg from Coachella, and look towards a feature on The Dead Weather’s new single later this week.

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