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Neil Young – Live in Worcester (5-21-10)

I know I haven’t posted anything in a few days, and I haven’t really posted any bootlegs since the final LCD Soundsystem show. So when a friend asked if I wanted a solo Neil Young bootleg featuring material from his most recent album “Le Noise,” I happily accepted his offer.

So on this last Sunday before Passover, enjoy eating those remaining crumbs of bread and that final piece of pizza as you crank this solid boot.

Download the entire boot here or stream/grab the individual tracks below. Continue reading

My Favorite 25 Albums of 2010: 10 – 1

And now, Part 2 of the best albums of 2010: Continue reading

Buffalo Springfield – Live at Bridge School

For your Sunday night listening pleasure, here’s Buffalo Springfield’s set from the second night of this year’s Bridge School Benefit.

I’d say more, but Peyton Manning is trying desperately to bring the Colts back from a 10-point deficit against New England. Given that both Manning and Reggie Wayne are on my fantasy team, and that I live in Boston but hate the Pats, I’m going to focus on the game, and let the music do the talking this time.

Download the entire show here.

Buffalo Springfield – On The Way Home Continue reading

Teenage Tunes – Part 2: Songs I Wish I’d Heard As A Teen

When y’all sent in your suggestions, I was faced with a bunch of tunes I’d either never heard before, or didn’t hear until after my teenage years. I was too cool for Bruce, not cool enough for Fugazi, too mainstream to listen to Pinkerton, and too stupid to appreciate Tupac.

But for many of you, these were the songs of your teenage years. These were the songs that propelled you from childhood to adulthood. These are your songs.

Fugazi – Waiting Room Continue reading

Pearl Jam & Neil Young – Walk With Me

Neil Young joined Pearl Jam onstage during their set at the Bridge School Benefit last night to perform Mr. Young’s “Walk With Me” – the opening cut on his new album, Le Noise.


Also, for those of you Buffalo Springfield fans out there, check out this stellar acoustic version of “For What It’s Worth.”

Neil Young – Le Noise

I have an image of Neil Young seared in my head. It’s an image that will never be replaced no matter what he does. He can do all the CSNY tours he wants and harmonize his butt off. He can even play more of those horrid acoustic shows with his wife like the one I saw at Farm Aid a few years back.

But when all is said and done, to me Neil Young will always be the godfather of grunge; sitting on a stool in a dark bar, with an overdriven guitar plugged into a ratty amplifier, head down, hat obscuring his face, playing the crap out of his weathered and road-beaten guitar. Le Noise is Neil returning to that sound, and reclaiming his place upon that stool of glory. Welcome home, Neil.

Here’s my take on the album, with comments on each track tweeted in 140 characters of fewer. Please please please visit the NPR page and stream the album. It’s available until October 5th; get your fix while you can. And while you do, make sure to read my tweets.

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Subway Mix #2

Sorry for the lack of posting. Job searches, final projects, and the impending doom of finals are upon me. But despite all that (actually because of all of that) I’ve been taking the subway a heck of a lot lately – going back and forth between school and my apartment.

And so I present to you Subway Mix #2.

My Morning Jacket – Aluminum Park

Foreign Born – Blood Oranges

Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

The Rolling Stones – Shine A Light

These United States – Conquest & Consequence

Wilco – Ashes Of American Flags