Daily Archives: December 30, 2010

The Flaming Lips – Dark Side Of The Moon (Bonnaroo 2010)

I realize I just posted a boot just a few hours ago, but I just started listening to The Flaming Lips’ remake of “Dark Side Of The Moon” and it’s making me giddy with musical excitement. It’s not often that another artist’s remake of a classic album is recieved warmly – it’s even rarer when the original album is one of the most innovative and greatest of all time, and the remake does justice to the original both in staying true to the idea of the album, and in the ideal of musical innovation, by taking the album to another level.

So here, in one track, is The Flaming Lips’ version of “Dark Side Of The Moon” as performed at Bonnaroo 2010. That it’s one track is not due to my laziness – it’s because this album, more than any other album, is truly one track. It’s one idea, one continuous thought, and one hell of an unbelievable musical feat – both the original, and the redone version posted below.

The Flaming Lips – Dark Side Of The Moon

Elton John & Leon Russell – Bridge School 2010

Now this is one of the albums that I somehow missed in 2010. Despite their seeming divergent musical styles, Mr. Russell and Mr. John have combined to create a most perfect sound. Their vocals and pianos weave together so beautifully that both musicians seem like they’ve finally met their perfect bandmate. Billy Joel my ass – Elton John belongs with Leon Russel.

So check out their recent performance together at the Bridge School Benefit, as we continue our One Big Bootleg Holiday. Continue reading