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Foo Fighters – Bridge School 2011

The Foo Fighters are one of those fantastic live bands that translates beautifully to an acoustic setting. Their set from Sunday night’s Bridge School Benefit show displays just that.

The sound gets a little muddy when the Foos turn it up, but this is definitely worth a listen. Grab the entire show here, or stream the tracks below.

1. Skin and Bones
2. My Hero
3. Walk
4. These Days
5. Times Like These
6. Everlong

Radiohead – Roseland Ballroom (9-28-11)

Radiohead performed at the Roseland Ballroom on Wednesday night, and played fantastic set with a ton of new stuff, some classics, and a few tracks that hadn’t been played in a while.

Grab the whole show here, or stream the tracks below. Continue reading

Bon Iver – 930 Club

Some musicians are able to exude a certain aura onstage. They have something inside of them that’s more than just a performer or an entertainer. There’s a certain pining in the performance that draws the audience into the private world of the songwriter, inspiring and stunning them. But when those listening at home can experience these same feelings, the same connection to the music and chills during the performance, you know that this is a special performer. Continue reading

Delta Spirit – Newport Folk 2011

I wish I had made it to the Newport Folk Festival this past weekend, but alas – it wasn’t to be. So to make it a little less painful, I’m going to try to post a bunch of the bootlegs from the festival for those of us who were unable to be there in person.

First on the list, is Delta Spirit, a band I fell in love with after watching singer Matthew Vasquez painfully emote in a La Blogotheque video. You should watch the video and grab the bootleg here, or stream it below. It’s quite good, and you shouldn’t let this band slip through your fingertips. Continue reading

Amy Winehouse: 1983 – 2011

It was with sadness that I turned on the computer after Shabbat this week to discover that Amy Winehouse had passed away. Her life was a tragically brilliant one, with her unbelievable talent weighted down by her demons of addiction. Her sultry jazz voice was well beyond her years, and the beautiful songs she wrote didn’t always seem to match her persona.

And while the gossip columnists will spend the next few weeks hypothesizing about the cause of death, at the end of the day that’s irrelevant. What we had here was a fantastic singer and songwriter who was taken well before her time – joining the terrible 27-club already populated by Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and Kurt Cobain. Now, Amy Winehouse too, is a member. She has tragically joined the ranks of a legion of brilliant musicians who all died well before their time. Continue reading

Radiohead – Glastonbury 2011

Radiohead surprised Glastonbury 2011 festival-goers by playing an unscheduled set. Thanks again to MCOM for posting this bootleg; fantastic as always. Stream the tracks below, or grab the entire show here. Continue reading

Local Natives – Sasquatch 2011

I’ve seen the Local Natives in concert two times, and I can confidently say that they are one of the best young live acts out there. So, it goes without saying that any live bootleg of theirs that I come into contact with will be shared in this forum of mine. So grab the show here, or stream the tracks below, and enjoy the beautiful noise that is the Local Natives. Continue reading

The Decemberists – Sasquatch 2011

The Decemberists are quite good live. I’d elaborate, but I’ve already written about it when I reviewed their live show. Plus, it’s late and I’m exhausted. So let the music speak for itself. Grab their entire Sasquatch 2011 set here, or stream the individual tracks below. Continue reading

Girl Talk – Live in Hookaville

None of the credit here is mine – I just grabbed this bootleg from YANP and it’s really a good one. So here’s a re-post of the show for stream/download.

For those unfamiliar with GT, the boot is all in one track not because we were too lazy to break it up; rather his shows are all one endless song with thousands of never-ending samples that somehow all work well together. If you still don’t understand, just press play – you’ll get it soon enough.

Girl Talk – Live In Hookahville

Wilco – Sasquatch 2011

Wilco is awesome. Jeff Tweedy is amazing. This bootleg is really incredible, and it makes me wish I had gone to Sasquatch this year. Also, I have no idea why I’ve never seen this band live. I guess I’ll just have to use this bootleg to tide me over until they come ’round Boston the next time.

You should really listen to this. If you want to keep it forever, go here. If you just want to stream it track by track, see below. Continue reading