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Live Stuff: Fleet Foxes, Adele, Kings of Leon, and Arcade Fire

There were a few technical difficulties in the last few weeks regarding some of the music I’ve posted (read: I post leaked material and artists don’t really like that). But that’s all been ironed out and I’m back in full force to share some great live tracks with you that I’ve recently uncovered and added to my arsenal of bootlegged brilliance.

Some of these bands I’ve loved forever. Others I’ve discovered or learned to appreciate more recently. Some have even fallen out of favor in my eyes in recent years. But what all of these bands have in common is a fantastic live presence.

So check out the tracks, and enjoy.

Fleet Foxes – Mykonos (live)

Adele – Rolling In The Deep (live)

Kings of Leon – Fans (live)

Arcade Fire – Wake Up (live)

Grammy 2011 Recap

Some pretty awesome things happened at tonight’s Grammy Awards. Though Pearl Jam didn’t win their second Grammy this year (they were beat out by Muse for Best Rock Album), here are a few highlights for me: Continue reading

My Favorite 25 Albums of 2010: 10 – 1

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Arcade Fire: Live at MSG

[Editor: This guest post was written by Av Sinensky.]

Picture via Brooklyn Vegan

The first time I heard of Arcade Fire was at a U2 concert during 2005’s Vertigo Tour when U2 used the band’s hit “Wake Up” as their intro music at the start of the show. (They were also an opening act for a part of that tour.)

The first time I saw Arcade Fire perform live was in 2007 at the Tower Theater in Philadelphia, an intimate 3,000 seat auditorium.

The first time I saw Arcade Fire play The Garden was last night and it was a special occasion not just because it was my first opportunity to see them play there but because it was the first time they had played at a venue of that magnitude (at least on this continent.) Continue reading

Arcade Fire – The Suburbs

I was really excited to finally listen to Arcade Fire’s new release, “The Suburbs.” So I decided to go back to the live-tweeting approach to an album review. It’s not a deep analysis of the songs, the lyrics, or the artistic presence of the album. It’s merely an AF fan’s first impression of what has proven to be a fantastic third album. Continue reading