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Radiohead to Tour in 2012

Radiohead has announced a US Tour in early 2012. Sad for me, it’s focused mainly in the southern half of our country, so unless they add more dates, I’ll be sitting this one out.

Radiohead 2012 tour dates
Feb 27 – Miami, FL American Airlines Arena
Feb 29 – Tampa, FL St. Pete Times Forum
Mar 1 – Atlanta, GA Philips Arena
Mar 3 – Houston, TX Toyota Center
Mar 5 – Dallas, TX American Airlines Center
Mar 7 – Austin, TX Frank Erwin Center
Mar 9 – St. Louis, MO Scottrade Center
Mar 11 – Kansas City, MO Sprint Center
Mar 13 – Broomfield, CO 1stBank Center
Mar 15 – Glendale, AZ Jobing.com Arena

Radiohead -Supercollider

Radiohead – Roseland Ballroom (9-28-11)

Radiohead performed at the Roseland Ballroom on Wednesday night, and played fantastic set with a ton of new stuff, some classics, and a few tracks that hadn’t been played in a while.

Grab the whole show here, or stream the tracks below. Continue reading

Radiohead – September 11, 2001

“I’m trying not to say anything. I mean, what the fuck are you going to say after today? There’s absolutely nothing to say.”

To merely recall the facts, the play by play of the day, seems like we’re selling our memories short. People say that time heals all wounds; well, that’s because time numbs our emotions. But when we want to remember, we need to find ways to reopen those wounds- to relive, not just the facts, but also the feelings that we felt.

Continue reading here.

New Music: St. Vincent, Girls, Radiohead Remix

I haven’t done one of these new music posts in a bit, but there’s been a ton of great summer music falling off trucks lately, which must be shared.

  • St. Vincent promised the pre-release of a track off her forthcoming album “Strange Mercy” if enough people tweeted using the hastag #strangemercy. Surgeon is the result of that successful social media campaign. You can find out info about the album and tour here.
  • Indie rockers Girls leaked the grunge-influenced song Vomit from their album “Father, Son, Holy Ghost” which will be available Sept 13.
  • Radiohead has released another three remixes of tracks from “The King Of Limbs.” Not only does the album itself grow on me with each listen, but these remixes breathe such fantastic life into the tracks, that it’s difficult not to want to re-listen to the entire album. Stream Nathan Fake’s remix of Morning Mr. Magpie below, or stream all three of the new remixes here.

St. Vincent – Surgeon

Girls – Vomit

Radiohead – Morning Mr. Magpie (Nathan Fake remix)

Radiohead – Glastonbury 2011

Radiohead surprised Glastonbury 2011 festival-goers by playing an unscheduled set. Thanks again to MCOM for posting this bootleg; fantastic as always. Stream the tracks below, or grab the entire show here. Continue reading

Radiohead Remixes

Despite the poor response to their most recent album (or possibly in spite of it), Radiohead have been all over the place; from dropping new songs, to playing surprise sets sets at Glastonbury, to their recent announcement of remixes of two songs off “The King of Limbs,” to be released this week on limited edition 12″ records. Be sure to stop by your local record store – today if you live across the pond, or tomorrow here in the States – if you’d like to snag a copy of this limited edition vinyl.

Radiohead – Little By Little (Caribou remix)

Radiohead – Lotus Flower (Jaques Greene remix)

Radiohead – Staircase

Also, Radiohead just dropped an advance video from their “Live From The Basement” session which will be airing on July 1. Check out the video and audio below.

Radiohead – Staircase

Radiohead – Lotus Flower

In case you’ve ben under a rock for the past four hours, here’s the new Radiohead video for “Lotus Flower.” Enjoy Thom Yorke dancing his ass off. Usher ain’t got nothing on Tommy.

The band released the digital version of their new album, “The King Of Limbs” today, one day early. More on that once I get in a few listens.

Radiohead For Haiti

This Wednesday will be a year since the earthquake in Haiti; and a year later things are still really bad. People are still dying in droves, at a rate of about 50 a day, a cholera epidemic broke out in October, recovery efforts are at a standstill, and only 2%-4% of the rubble has actually been removed.

On January 24th, 2010, Radiohead performed a concert to benefit this tragedy. Following this concert a few dedicated and awesome fans decided to collect audio and video from this show to compile a bootleg DVD so that this concert can continue to benefit Haiti and the recovery effort. So, if you like Radiohead, enjoy helping people, or just hate the fact that so many people are dying you should really donate to the cause. Stream the show below. Go to the creator’s site and download the video. But please, also visit Oxfam and donate to the cause.

Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood: Live @ Electric Ladyland

I know for a fact that I’ve posted this one before. But I was listening to Radiohead on the way home from work and was struck by the intricacies of their music. I don’t want to sound like a stuck up audiophile, but listening to their stuff without a quality pair of headphones seems slightly sacrilegious. The details in their songs are so subtle, but at the same time so integral to the music. Continue reading