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Tebowing Is Bad For You

Tim Tebow is a terrible QB. Statistically speaking, the man is abysmal. First of all, he doesn’t pass the ball. In the eight games played this season he has thrown a mere 125 times. That’s about 15 throws a game. Compare that with Jay Cutler, the QB for the run-heavy Bears, who throws 30 passes a game. To make this clear, the QB for the team that has running sensation Matt Forte throws more than the QB who’s starting running back is a washed-up Willis McGahee. And then there’s his completion percentage which is 46.9% – which means that of ever two passes he throws, fewer that one are actually caught. Continue reading

Hyperbolic Hypocrisy

Or: Why I’m Going To See The Local Natives This Saturday Night

I was recently watching the Baseball playoffs when a commercial came on that featured fans and their dedication to their teams. One fan boasted that he’d been to at least 1000 games. Now, with season tickets, at 81 home games per season, with a few seasons of playoffs (not many though, he was a Red Sox fan) let’s assume an average of 82 games per year, this would take him about 12 years to accomplish. Chances are, his boast was hyperbole and he has in fact not been to that many games, but that point is moot. What’s important was my initial reaction to his claim. I didn’t question it’s validity, nor did I think about how depressing that must have been for so many years as a Red Sox fan. Continue reading

Kings Get Pigeoned

I guess I understand…somewhat. I mean, if pigeons were crapping on me I would probably be pretty upset. But then again, ending a concert because you’ve been “pigeoned” is probably the least rock and roll thing you can do. When KOL put out their latest album, trading their snarly brand of southern rock while guzzling scotch for a U2 inspired arena sound I still stuck by them. And when they traded their whiskey guzzling persona for a “classier” one by being photographed for Rolling Stone holding glasses of wine, I didn’t let that bother me either. As long as they’re still truly rock and roll, who cares, right?

So ya, leaving stage cause a bunch of pigeons crapped on you is pretty un-rock or roll.

Pearl Jam – I Got Shit

Kings of Leon – Velvet Snow

P.S. If you agree to sell me your Black Keys tickets on Craigslist, don’t be an ass and re-neg on the deal, deciding you want to sell them for more. Truly uncool.

Why I Love Glee

Ever since that pilot episode where a bunch of geeky kids with no singing experience all got together and were suddenly able to sing “Don’t Stop Believing” with impeccable pitch and improbable talent, I was hooked. I didn’t quite know why, or how this show, that by all means I should’ve been mocking, was getting into my psyche. All I knew was that I couldn’t wait for the real season to being, and all the campy, kitschy, ridiculous high school song-based drama to begin.

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