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Can I Get A Little Respect?

[This guest post was written by my dear mother.]

There is music coursing through my boys’ souls, through Ariel’s and the other boys, and my daughter is drawn to it, too. On this blog you’ve heard Gilad jamming; he lived and breathed this stuff. Music speaks to my kids, gives them a kick and a buzz, and for Gilad it was often his escape.

My kids know that their dad was a Dead-Head, and he followed Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and the Stones instead of reading his college texts. He went to concerts and he was cool, at least until he met me, which has become our family legend. But what my kids don’t know is that their mom feels music in her soul, too. It speaks to me and always has, ever since I listened to bad AM radio on my Panasonic toot-a-loop radio in groovy yellow, and walked to Sam Goody (the former FYE) to pick up each week’s paper list (on actual paper – no computer searches then) of Top-40 hits. I played guitar through my teens, collected sheet music and belonged to every choir. It’s why I turn up the volume when I’m alone washing my kitchen floor or driving around in my car. Music simply stirs me in a profound way, just like it does for my daughter and sons. So what can I do to get a little respect here? Continue reading

Music My Weird Tutor Listens To

[About the author: Aaron Gold was a camper of mine a few summers ago, and more recently has been a writing center tutee who worked with me many times over this past school year.]

This is my second official post for TSU. According to Ariel, my first post, an ode to jam bands such as the Disco Biscuits and STS9, was written like an Adderall crazed 9th grader. [Edit: These are not the official thoughts or opinions of this blog. Mr. Gold was not in 9th grade at the time of his first guest post, and the editor is unaware of which, if any, medications Mr. Gold was on at the time.] Continue reading

Memorial Day

[Note: Sorry for they delay on the post. My internet has been giving me problems.]

Memorial Day is one of those holidays that we celebrate as only Americans can. To remember all the soldiers lost in the United States’ wars, we all gather together, have barbecues, and spend time with family and friends. In essence, we celebrate the freedoms that were made possible thanks to soldiers who lost their lives fighting in our wars. And while this is one way to commemorate the lives lost, it seems like the message of the day has been lost in a pile of charcoal, watermelon rind, and leftover hot dogs. The main point of this day is to pay homage to those who gave their lives fighting for our country. So to honor those men and women, here are a few songs about this day; a day when politics are brushed aside, and all can agree that the tragic loss of life is something to be remembered and grieved.

Elliott Smith – Memory Lane
Continue reading