Kings Get Pigeoned

I guess I understand…somewhat. I mean, if pigeons were crapping on me I would probably be pretty upset. But then again, ending a concert because you’ve been “pigeoned” is probably the least rock and roll thing you can do. When KOL put out their latest album, trading their snarly brand of southern rock while guzzling scotch for a U2 inspired arena sound I still stuck by them. And when they traded their whiskey guzzling persona for a “classier” one by being photographed for Rolling Stone holding glasses of wine, I didn’t let that bother me either. As long as they’re still truly rock and roll, who cares, right?

So ya, leaving stage cause a bunch of pigeons crapped on you is pretty un-rock or roll.

Pearl Jam – I Got Shit

Kings of Leon – Velvet Snow

P.S. If you agree to sell me your Black Keys tickets on Craigslist, don’t be an ass and re-neg on the deal, deciding you want to sell them for more. Truly uncool.

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