Kings Of Leon – Come Around Sundown

Kings Of Leon have grown up, and I don’t like it. They’re like your crazy drinking buddy who used to be a party and a half to hang out with, but has since gotten married, had kids, and become domesticated. I’m not saying those are bad things – but when he starts talking about stocks, strollers, and wine tasting, it makes you wonder where the old guy went.

This is Kings Of Leon. They went from whiskey-guzzling Southerners to wine sipping New Yorkers. From blues-rock screaming kids to arena rock singing adults. It’s not that this album as a whole isn’t good; it’s just that I miss the old KOL.

I’ve live tweeted my thoughts on the album, and I’m sharing my favorite track. Hope you enjoy.

Kings Of Leon – Mi Amigo

1. The End – Ok. If they keep it up, this will be the end of the band. Sounds EXACTLY like the last album. Move on, guys.

2. Radioactive – Ya. We all heard the single. It’s very U2. I guess if that’s what you’re going for…

3. Pyro – Here we go. There’s something a bit different in this track. Sounds like some of their softer early stuff, but polished. Not bad.

4. Mary – This is a new sound for the band. Band of Horses meets blues rock. Great guitar solo and galloping rhythm section on this one.

5. The Face – This song coolly talks about their identity crisis as a band. NY or TN? Ride out the arena rock wave? Or go back to our roots?

6. The Immortals – Bass line drives the verse, into an anthemic chorus. Nothing special here. More of the last album

7. Back Down South – A little country feel here. Sounds more like Taylor Swift than Johnny Cash, but it will do.

8. Beach Side – Apparently they’re staying down south with the pop-country genre. It does not look good on them.

9. No Money – Good opening. I think I like their songs with staccato strumming. It’s a good sound for them. Like.

10. Pony Up – This one is just weird. It’s got a The Cure vibe to it, but also some Vampire Weekend. Tune out the voice, and you’ll see.

11. Birthday – I don’t want to be listening to this anymore. Can I go back to Deerhunter’s new album?

12. Mi Amigo – Verse sounds like “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Beatles. That’s a good thing. The tasteless lyrics are a nice touch. Good job

13. Pickup Truck – Cool chill track to close out the album. I still miss the younger KOL.

3 responses to “Kings Of Leon – Come Around Sundown

  1. YOU FORGOT ABOUT PICKUP TRUCK!!! it is easily the best KOL song to come out in years.

  2. I completely agree with you man; KOL have changed so much. If they would go back to their more edgy, dont-give-a-fuck attitude it would make me the happiest fan in the world. Guess this will do for now though, not a bad album.

  3. Hey, I agree that this album not like the old KoL but i think in order for any band to succeed you have to be constantly changing. I think i would be more disappointed if they went backwards rather then evolving. For this, i enjoy the album. It’s the next step in a bands’ life that i want to hear plenty more of!