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Elton John & Leon Russell – Bridge School 2010

Now this is one of the albums that I somehow missed in 2010. Despite their seeming divergent musical styles, Mr. Russell and Mr. John have combined to create a most perfect sound. Their vocals and pianos weave together so beautifully that both musicians seem like they’ve finally met their perfect bandmate. Billy Joel my ass – Elton John belongs with Leon Russel.

So check out their recent performance together at the Bridge School Benefit, as we continue our One Big Bootleg Holiday. Continue reading

Teenage Tunes – Part 1: Classic Rock

Today’s Teenage Tunes will feature older songs. Some of you actually grew up in these ears. Others of you must not have realized that you were allowed to change the dial from your parents’ classic rock stations. Still, more of you may even have chosen on your own to avoid the alternative rock of your youth in favor of the music of your parents.

Whatever your reason, these are a collection of your songs – those songs that you listened to during those ridiculous years of teenagehood (sic).

Janis Ian -At  Seventeen Continue reading