One Big Bootleg Holiday

Well, here we are at the holidays, when bloggers usually take a bit of time off from posting to relax with their families. Not I. Your faithful blogger will be spending his Christmas working diligently on posts for you, so that your holidays can be properly soundtracked, and you’ll have what to play through those new speakers you’re hoping to find under the tree.

Ok fine. So I’m Jewish and don’t celebrate Christmas. Whatever – the end result is the same – you’re going to be getting a full week of blogging next week despite the holiday season. But of course, this won’t be just any blogging week; this will be a week of bootlegs. New boots. Old boots. Holiday boots. Boots roasting on an open fire. All kinds of boots.

So to start things off, I felt like I should share a bootleg that Aquarium Drunkard just posted the other day. Since he just posted it, I wouldn’t feel comfortable posting the entire thing here, but check out the tracks below, and head over to his site to download the rest of it.

Stevie Wonder – Higher Ground

Stevie Wonder – Superstition

And check back often for boots – we’re gonna post some great ones in the coming week. Enjoy!

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