Daily Archives: November 5, 2010

New(ish) Music – LCD Soundsystem, The Decemberists, Lil’ Wayne, and Phish

Since last week’s music news was so well recieved, I figured I’d try it again:

  • LCD Soundsystem is releasing a live-in-studio album that they recorded in London, aptly called “The London Sessions”, consisting of some of their songs re-recorded, live in the studio. This may seem boring, but this is a band that uses tons of overdubs, samplers, and all kinds of studio tricks on their albums. Onstage, however, the band sticks to their instruments, so this offering is a pretty cool glimpse into their live interpretation of their studio songs, albeit without the audience. Check out All I Want below.
  • As many of you know, I ranked The Decemberists‘ most recent album “The Hazards Of Love” as my favorite album of 2008. I was chastised by you all, yet I regret nothing. So naturally, I’d like to share their new track Down By The Water, which you can download from their site here (in exchange for your email address).
  • Lil’ Wayne was released from jail this week. While he himself hasn’t released any music within the past few days, DJ Alexei did just put out an album full of mash ups, featuring Weezy. If you like Girl Talk or any kind of mash-up type music, you should download the entire album on his site, or check out the song below.
  • Finally, a bit of Phish. I’m not the hugest Phish-head, but I do love a great cover. Last Saturday night, at the pre-Halloween show, Phish jammed fantastically from Tweezer into

LCD Soundsystem – All I Want

The Decemberists – Down By The Water

Lil’ Wayne – Lollipop (Alexei Glycerine Acoustic Remix)

Matt & Kim – House of Blues Boston

I just got back from the Matt & Kim show at the House of Blues in Boston, and I have to say – their live show is just a barrel full of monkeys (i.e. awesome). This dance-punk duo who currently hails from Brooklyn put on a fantastically entertaining concert, with no breaks, and barely time to breathe between songs, except during their giddy banter. Continue reading