Daily Archives: November 23, 2010

Daft Punk – TRON Soundtrack

The not-yet-released new Daft Punk album is currently streaming through my headphones. I began listening on my internal laptop speakers, but that’s no way to treat this band; especially when we’re dealing with their first studio offering in over five years. Continue reading

Album Flashback: Bush – Sixteen Stone

The year was 1994. And for most, grunge had died back in April when Kurt Cobain tragically took his life, ending the grunge revolution that had taken hold of radio stations. In truth, this wasn’t the case. (Pre-reunion) Soundgarden and Alice In Chains each still had a few more years and grunge albums to share with the world. But beyond them, music was changing. Nirvana was no longer. Pearl Jam had moved into more experimental territory with 1994s “Vitalogy”. And a new music type was arising from the not-dead-yet embers of grunge: alternative. And again, we’re faced with a genre whose name, like punk, makes the most sense in its initial generation. Then again, alternative music was only really good for a few years. Continue reading