Daily Archives: November 2, 2010

Public Service Announcement – Continuous Streaming Now Available

I’ve had a few people comment that they wish they wouldn’t have to start each song individually on the site, and that they wish there was an easy way to just stream all the songs at once. Due to the limitations of the WordPress.com audio player, this isn’t so possible on this particular site.

What you can do, however, is stream them from The Hype Machine – an mp3 blog search engine, which scours the blogosphere (I hate that word) for .mp3 files, and collects them in a handy database. Another fun perk of the site is that they have pages for each blog, so you can stream just the tracks from your favorite blog (which is TSU, of course).

If you go to my page on Hype, you can click on any song, and then use the buttons at the bottom of your browser to switch between songs, or just let it stream to your heart’s content.


[Update: Look for the link in the sidebar, in case you lose that URL]

Teenage Tunes – Part 2: Songs I Wish I’d Heard As A Teen

When y’all sent in your suggestions, I was faced with a bunch of tunes I’d either never heard before, or didn’t hear until after my teenage years. I was too cool for Bruce, not cool enough for Fugazi, too mainstream to listen to Pinkerton, and too stupid to appreciate Tupac.

But for many of you, these were the songs of your teenage years. These were the songs that propelled you from childhood to adulthood. These are your songs.

Fugazi – Waiting Room Continue reading