Matt & Kim – House of Blues Boston

I just got back from the Matt & Kim show at the House of Blues in Boston, and I have to say – their live show is just a barrel full of monkeys (i.e. awesome). This dance-punk duo who currently hails from Brooklyn put on a fantastically entertaining concert, with no breaks, and barely time to breathe between songs, except during their giddy banter.

I don’t know very much of their music; I recently posted a song of theirs, Daylight in a post penned by a camper of mine, but that’s about it. So why go to the show? Well, a few weeks ago, I was watching the online broadcast of the Austin City Limits Festival, and this strange looking band came out onstage. Tall and lanky, this keyboard/synthesizer and drum duo took the stage with ridiculous smiles pasted across their faces. They sat down behind their instruments, and Kim proceeded to pound the snot out of her drum kit, followed by Matt’s furiously catchy keyboarding(sic). I immediately knew that this was a live band to see.

So Elana and I ventured out to Boston’s House of Blues tonight to check out the show. We were not disappointed. Genuinely excited to be playing for such a large and energetic crowd, the band tore through what must have been their entire catalog. They told ridiculous story after story between songs (Kim’s dad forcing Matt to watch boring cross country running videos of Kim, Matt and his brother playing a game where Matt would have to duck out of the way of vinyl records tossed like frisbees (sic) until one actually hit him in head and his brother’s punishment was to clean up all the blood), threw out a package of balloons for the crowd to blow up, and played absurdly catchy dance music the entire way through. Somewhere between pounding on the skins and standing atop her bass drum, Kim managed to break a cymbal, and even ventured out into the crowd, standing tall atop the hands of welcoming hands and did an impressive dance – showing that in addition to beating up her drum kit, she has quite impressive balance.

Basically, it was just a fun time. The kids were excited to see the band (yes, I say kids because Elana and I were the oldest people there), and the band was even more excited to be playing there. If you want to have a good time, and these guys are in town, head out to see them; you won’t be disappointed.

Check out the pics below, and the video here.

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