Daily Archives: November 3, 2010

Teenage Tunes – Interlude: An Ode To The Walkman

Last week, after 31 years, 3 months, 25 days, Sony discontinued the Walkman. For me, my Walkman was my life. Quick story about that – my first Walkman was a pretty basic one (the FX21); it played tapes, had an analog radio dial, and cost about $30. However, when I purchased it from the Circuit City Express in the Towson Mall (which has since turned into an Apple Store), the sales representative mistakenly gave me the $60 Walkman – complete with a digital radio and 6 presets (the FX453). Of course, when I showed my mother my good fortune, she forced me to march back to the store, and switch my Walkman for the proper one. Continue reading

Teenage Tunes – Part 3: Why Did I Ever Listen To These Songs

Lots of the songs suggested were pretty terrible. I’m sure we all realize that now, but back then, these were the biggest songs and bands in the world. It’s not just that these songs were overplayed on the radio – it’s actually that they’re straight up bad – especially lyrically. Continue reading