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she put down in writing what was in her mind

The perfect late summer song. Soulful. Oozing. Syrupy. Beautiful

Bob Dylan – Not Dark Yet   Continue reading

Love is all

The Tallest Man On Earth – Love Is All

Well I walk upon the river like it’s easier than land
Evil’s in my pocket and your will is in my hand
Oh, your will is in my hand

And I’ll throw it in the current that I stand upon so still
Love is all, from what I’ve heard, but my heart’s learned to kill
Oh, mine has learned to kill Continue reading

TSA Pat Downs For Everyone!

Wednesday is supposedly the most popular flying day of the year. And given the new possibly dangerous full body scanners, many people will be opting out of the scanner and settling for a supremely uncomfortable pat-down. Even if you go for the scanner, there’s still the possibility that you’ll get patted down by TSA employees.

I’ve heard and read of a bunch of suggestions of what to do: wear a kilt or strip down to your boxers; employees aren’t allowed to pat down under skirts or underwear, so these clothing options will leave you relatively free of a pat-down. It’s a pretty big fashion statement just to make a point, but I do respect those who make the effort to do that.

What will I do? I’m not entirely sure, but I’ll probably listen to of these songs to prepare for the inevitable uncomfortable situation.

My Morning Jacket – Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Part 2 (live) Continue reading

Way Down In The Hole

Busy week means fewer posts. Sorry about that guys. But for your weekend listening, I figured I’d do something a bit fun. For those of you familiar with either The Wire (the best TV show of all time, about crime in Baltimore) or Tom Waits (the musician who sounds like cookie monster) you’ll enjoy this. I’ve collected a few different versions of Way Down In The Hole, the theme song from The Wire, originally written and recorded by Mr. Waits.


Tom Waits – Way Down In The Hole

Steve Earle – Way Down In The Hole

The Blind Boys of Alabama – Way Down In The Hole

M.I.A (feat Blaqstarr) – Way Down In The Hole

Beatspoke – Way Down In The Hole

Teenage Tunes – Part 3: Why Did I Ever Listen To These Songs

Lots of the songs suggested were pretty terrible. I’m sure we all realize that now, but back then, these were the biggest songs and bands in the world. It’s not just that these songs were overplayed on the radio – it’s actually that they’re straight up bad – especially lyrically. Continue reading

Teenage Tunes – Part 2: Songs I Wish I’d Heard As A Teen

When y’all sent in your suggestions, I was faced with a bunch of tunes I’d either never heard before, or didn’t hear until after my teenage years. I was too cool for Bruce, not cool enough for Fugazi, too mainstream to listen to Pinkerton, and too stupid to appreciate Tupac.

But for many of you, these were the songs of your teenage years. These were the songs that propelled you from childhood to adulthood. These are your songs.

Fugazi – Waiting Room Continue reading

Teenage Tunes – Part 1: Classic Rock

Today’s Teenage Tunes will feature older songs. Some of you actually grew up in these ears. Others of you must not have realized that you were allowed to change the dial from your parents’ classic rock stations. Still, more of you may even have chosen on your own to avoid the alternative rock of your youth in favor of the music of your parents.

Whatever your reason, these are a collection of your songs – those songs that you listened to during those ridiculous years of teenagehood (sic).

Janis Ian -At  Seventeen Continue reading