Teenage Tunes – An Introduction

When I put out this request, I wasn’t sure what to expect. In the past, when I’ve put out a request like this I’ve been consistently underwhelmed; with a few devoted blog-fans responding to my pleas for feedback, and the rest of the world continuing to ignore. But not this time. For some reason, the idea of songs that got you through your teenage years was one that resonated with you.

Enough for me to get 182 responses from from 28 people. Great job guys – I’ve got about a week’s worth of material:

Monday will feature older songs that were suggested. It’s not that I don’t like classic rock; it’s just that I didn’t grow up during those eras. For those of you who did (or who listened exclusively to classic rock during your teenage years), this one’s for you. Tuesday will feature songs that I wish I had heard when I was a teenager. Wednesday is a surprise, and Thursday will be feature a ton of songs that I connected with as a teenager.

So get your Walkmen out, put those foam covered headphones on your ears, and push the clunky play button to these songs that got you through your teenage years.


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