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Tebowing Is Bad For You

Tim Tebow is a terrible QB. Statistically speaking, the man is abysmal. First of all, he doesn’t pass the ball. In the eight games played this season he has thrown a mere 125 times. That’s about 15 throws a game. Compare that with Jay Cutler, the QB for the run-heavy Bears, who throws 30 passes a game. To make this clear, the QB for the team that has running sensation Matt Forte throws more than the QB who’s starting running back is a washed-up Willis McGahee. And then there’s his completion percentage which is 46.9% – which means that of ever two passes he throws, fewer that one are actually caught. Continue reading

Tom Waits, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer

[This guest post was written by my dear friend, blogmate, former roommate, and future groomsman – Avi Kelin. Check him out at his blogs: The Daily Snowman and IfByPhone.]

It makes sense that Hakeem Olajuwon was great at playing basketball: he was seven feet tall, strong as a bull, and moved like a ballerina. Similarly, it makes sense that George Clooney is a movie star: he can act, he’s smart, and he very much looks the part.  Continue reading

Way Down In The Hole

Busy week means fewer posts. Sorry about that guys. But for your weekend listening, I figured I’d do something a bit fun. For those of you familiar with either The Wire (the best TV show of all time, about crime in Baltimore) or Tom Waits (the musician who sounds like cookie monster) you’ll enjoy this. I’ve collected a few different versions of Way Down In The Hole, the theme song from The Wire, originally written and recorded by Mr. Waits.


Tom Waits – Way Down In The Hole

Steve Earle – Way Down In The Hole

The Blind Boys of Alabama – Way Down In The Hole

M.I.A (feat Blaqstarr) – Way Down In The Hole

Beatspoke – Way Down In The Hole