Dave Matthews Band – Camden, NJ (6/4/08)

So it’s Sunday again, and I figured it must be time for a Dave Matthews bootleg. I know most people are too cool for Dave. I also understand how annoying Dave fans can be at concerts. And finally, I know how annoyed many people get when people refer to the band as just “Dave.”

I understand all of this, but I still have a soft spot in my heart for DMB, and especially their live material. So, here’s the last “Dave” show I attended – in Camden, NJ during the summer of 2008. It was a fantastic year for concerts for me (at one point I went to shows 5-nights in a row: PJ, Coldplay, PJ, PJ, and Citizen Cope) and this was no exception.

Enjoy the boot, and enjoy the fact that you get to hear this music without Penn State frat boys cheering for “Ants Marching!” the entire show, or pre-pubescent drunk middle-schoolers urinating all over the lawn, unable to hold their Natty Light. This is the beauty of a Dave Matthews Band bootleg – you get all the pluses of their live show without the fans.

Don’t Drink The Water

Two Step


Corn Bread

Smooth Rider

Rhyme and Reason

Where Are You Going

Pantala Naga Pampa


Melissa {Allman Bros. cover}



Lie In Our Graves

Ants Marching

What You Are

Louisiana Barou

Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black) {Neil Young & Crazy Horse cover}

Bitch {Rolling Stones cover}

4 responses to “Dave Matthews Band – Camden, NJ (6/4/08)

  1. Not a bad cover of Into the Black. Not an easy cover to pull off.

  2. Great write up!!! Our whole band was at this show. We go to both Camden shows every year. Personally, I just about shit myself when I heard the first chords to Melissa. That song has always taken me to a special place, and I didn’t expect to hear it at that particular show, although it had been played once or twice prior to this particular show. Tim killed it on the solo. That guy’s just got it. And Dave, what else can you say about him? Simply amazing.

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  4. I was very excited to find this dude (thanks for sharing) but it0s so sad the all the audio files are gone….
    Do you think you could share them again please ???

    Thanks a lot buddy!!!! And keep on the amazing job on this site!!