For those of you who don’t know yet, I’m a big fan of the Counting Crows, and basically anything Adam Duritz does. I know many of you will deride this and that’s ok. I like him not only despite his whiny complaints about his love life, but actually because of it. Maybe it’s a bit voyeuristic to see someone pour their heart out onstage like Adam does at every show, but then again, music is an emotional experience and Adam manages to make sure of that with every song.

Enter Sordid Humor. This late 80s alt rock outfit actually featured Adam on backing vocals for a few tracks, as well as David Immerglück (one of CC’s guitarists) as the bassist for a few songs.

And though Adam’s only singing the background parts, he manages to move the song from an alternative ditty, to an emotional ballad that would fit perfectly on any Crows album.


Sordid Humor – Barbarossa

One response to “Barbarossa

  1. Happy that someone else likes AD for the same reasons I do. Can’t figure out why so many people have such disdain for him – he’s a great lyricist, and I think he’s really talented. I think there are far more annoying people in the world to complain about.