I took a train from California

I know I’ve posted this bootleg before, but in Ilan’s memory I’d like to put it up again. It’s one of their earliest boots in existence; taken from their first ever tour in 1993. While Adam hadn’t yet begun his trend of going on lyrical tangents during the songs, this boot does feature two fantastic unreleased songs (Open All Night and Margery) and an unbelievable cover of Van Morrison’s Caravan.

And while Ilan introduced me to Van Morrison through this bootleg (even though I introduced him to the boot itself), it’s Oh Margery which stands out on the most recent listens.

I took a train from California to the far side of the continent, woke up in Kentucky where the wedding was about to end.

Missing you so much it hurts, Ilan.

Download the entire show here.

Counting Crows – Intro

Counting Crows – Round Here

Counting Crows – Open All Night

Counting Crows – Rain King

Counting Crows – Time and Time Again

Counting Crows – Oh, Margery

Counting Crows – Anna Begins

Counting Crows – Perfect Blue Buildings

Counting Crows – Caravan

Counting Crows – A Murder of One

Counting Crows – Sullivan Street

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