Radiohead For Haiti

This Wednesday will be a year since the earthquake in Haiti; and a year later things are still really bad. People are still dying in droves, at a rate of about 50 a day, a cholera epidemic broke out in October, recovery efforts are at a standstill, and only 2%-4% of the rubble has actually been removed.

On January 24th, 2010, Radiohead performed a concert to benefit this tragedy. Following this concert a few dedicated and awesome fans decided to collect audio and video from this show to compile a bootleg DVD so that this concert can continue to benefit Haiti and the recovery effort. So, if you like Radiohead, enjoy helping people, or just hate the fact that so many people are dying you should really donate to the cause. Stream the show below. Go to the creator’s site and download the video. But please, also visit Oxfam and donate to the cause.

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