Radiohead – Roseland Ballroom (9-28-11)

Radiohead performed at the Roseland Ballroom on Wednesday night, and played fantastic set with a ton of new stuff, some classics, and a few tracks that hadn’t been played in a while.

Grab the whole show here, or stream the tracks below.

Main Set
1 Bloom
2 Little By Little
3 Staircase
4 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
5 Feral (Live concert debut)
6 Subterranean Homesick Alien (First performance since 2003)
7 All I Need
8 Everything In Its Right Place (with “The One I Love” intro)
9 Lotus Flower
10 15 Step
11 Myxomatosis
12 Codex (Live concert debut)
13 The Daily Mail
14 Bodysnatchers
15 Reckoner

Encore 1
16 Give Up The Ghost
17 The National Anthem
18 Morning Mr Magpie

Encore 2
19 Crowd
20 Street Spirit (Fade Out)
21 Nude

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