Local Natives at Paradise Club

Last night marked an important point in my concert-going career. Not only did I attend my first concert since moving to Boston, but I went to my first concert alone. I realize that sounds kind of pathetic, but Elana had work to do, I only bought a ticket on Thursday night, and I really wanted to see the band. All of this led me to the conclusion that it was better to go alone than not at all.

As for this being my first Boston concert, my feelings were mixed. Right before the Local Natives went on, I squeezed myself into an empty space closer to the stage, only to be berated by a girl, who claimed she had been standing there for over an hour and a half. There was clearly enough room for everyone, and we were at a concert, where people tend to be squeezed pretty close together. So, if you don’t like your personal space being invaded, a concert probably isn’t the best place for you. But I digress. The venue, on the other hand, had fantastic sound, especially for those of us who were front and center.

Their live performance was flawless, something nearly unheard of for a band this early in their careers. Just like when Elana and I saw them back in May, the Local Natives played through their entire album perfectly. And yet, despite the fact that this was almost 6 months, numerous festivals, and scores of shows after the last time I saw them, this band was no less stoked to be playing for so many excited fans.

This is a band that will be huge someday, and that I will be happy to say I saw twice on their inaugural tour.

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