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Jim James – Newport Folk Festival 2008

I’m feeling Yim Yamesy today. Not sure why. I’ve been listening to the Rolling Stones all day, and Elana just bought me Keith Richards’ new autobiography “Life.” So I really should be posting about The Stones today. But never mind that. I want some bootlegged Jim James. And so do you. Enjoy.

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Appalachian Voices: Live In Lexington

There are few people with whom I would like to see Jim James perform with. The first group of people is obviously the rest of My Morning Jacket, as their live show could quite very well be the best out there right now. The second is his self: I would absolutely love to see Jim play a solo show. The third is Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore – a group of acoustic folk musicians from Kentucky who play the cello and guitar (respectively). We went to go see them this past winter and Elana and I were both blown away by the performance. So, obviously adding Mr. James into the mix would only make the show that much more unbelievable.

So here, for your listening pleasure is a show with those very three musicians, performing under the apt moniker Appalachian Voices. Listen to it, pass it along to your friends, and fall in love with the cello again.

Download the entire show here or…

Something Somewhere Sometime

Needn’t Say A Thing

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