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Pearl Jam – Ten Live

As anyone who has ever seen Pearl Jam in concert knows: this is a band that thrives on the stage. Their studio albums are fantastic, but the songs are never fully realized until they’re performed in a live setting. This is a band whose greatness cannot be properly understood without the context of the concert.

And so, I took upon myself to find the best live versions of Pearl Jam’s debut album – “Ten.” Not because this is their best album; but because these are the songs that they started out with. These are the first songs that belonged to Pearl Jam, and the first songs that they performed together, live. Continue reading

My Morning Jacket – The Tennessee Fire Live

I first purchased MMJ’s “The Tennessee Fire” for a few dollars at Record & Tape Traders in Baltimore. I had just got back from seeing them on New Year’s Eve with Elana in Madison Square Garden; the epic 4-hour performance that solidified our love for this band. Continue reading