Lou Reed & Metallica – The View

Metallica was my favorite band in middle school. And then I saw Pearl Jam in concert, they put out St. Anger, and I moved on. It was time, and they were really beginning to suck.

However, the news of a collaboration with Lou Reed – which surfaced almost two years ago, after the two groups played together at the 2009 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concert, was intriguing, to say the least. The first full track to be released of the forthcoming album Lulu, is called “The View” and it’s, well, really bad.

Lou Reed has done some weird stuff in the past (Metal Machine Music was described by Rolling Stone as “the tubular groaning of a galactic refrigerator”) and Metallica has put out some pretty horrible stuff as well (anything after 1999). But both have also created some of the greatest and most innovative rock albums – taking their respective genres to new levels, spawning scores of imitators, and changing the face of music as we knew it. A collaboration that combined aspects of the latter would be mind-boggling. Sadly, this song is a strange combination of the former – spoken word nonsense by Reed over a sludgy Metallica riff, sans all of the speed-metal brilliance that made Metallica great, and without any of Mr. Reed’s talent.

The potential for this collab was so high, and that the result is this abysmal should be saddening to music fans everywhere.

Lou Reed & Metallica – The View

5 responses to “Lou Reed & Metallica – The View

  1. Off by just a decade – 98% of the material they’ve recorded since 1989, not 99, has been horrible 🙂

  2. Disagree. Just because the Black Album, Load, and ReLoad didn’t have the speed thrash metal that they became known for, doesn’t mean it was bad music. Sure, it was more radio friendly, but their songwriting abilities flourished and that they were able to bring heavy metal to the mainstream was quite impressive. Also, just because other people liked the music, doesn’t mean it’s bad.

  3. Heard it…and wished I hadn’t.

  4. Well said, not particularly impressed….

  5. This is amazingly suck ass. They couldn’t have possibly listened to this track before they released it.