Glen Hansard – PJ20 Day 2

I’m sitting here at work, speechless, listening to Glen Hansard wow the crowd at PJ20, and realizing that I missed out in a huge way when I decided to miss his opening act for Eddie Vedder back in June. Thank goodness for bootlegs, though. His cover of Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks is wonderful, and his duet with Eddie Vedder on Falling Slowly is just gorgeous.

Stream the tracks below, or download the entire show here. (You can also grab his Day 1 set here.)

1. Leave
2. Low Rising
3. talking 1
4. In These Arms
5. The Stars Are Underground
6. talking 2
7. Pavement Tune
8. Say It To Me Now
9. tuning
10. Astral Weeks
11. talking 3
12. introducing Eddie Vedder
13. Falling Slowly

2 responses to “Glen Hansard – PJ20 Day 2

  1. This is great…do you know of any other pj20 bands bootlegs…im looking for Joseph arthurs set and star annas set…thanks again.

  2. this is fantastic, thank you. this was one of my favorite parts of the day.