Temple Of The Dog Reunion

I came back from vacation this weekend to discover myriad tweets, blog posts, and excited comments about the Pearl Jam festival that took place in Alpine Valley, Wisconsin. There were surprise guests, Dennis Rodmans in the crowd, a and even a Pearl Jam museum. But what made me most excited for those who were lucky enough to be in attendance was the Temple Of The Dog reunion that happened when Chris Cornell took the stage with the rest of Pearl Jam.

Below is a YouTube collection of as much of that album as was performed and recorded. So, whether you’re reliving an awesome experience, or seeing and hearing them for the first time, enjoy this awesome reunion, twenty years in the making.

Say Hello 2 Heaven

Reach Down

Hunger Strike

Call Me A Dog

All Night Thing

… and, in case you thought I was going to hold back on the Mother Love Bone…

Stardog Champion

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