Girls – Father, Son, Holy Ghost

Girls followup album to “Album,” “Father, Son, Holy Ghost,” will be released on September 9th, but here’s a preliminary look at the album in 140 or fewer characters.

1. Honey Bunny – Beach Boys style opener, that slows into an old country ballad, about the fact that girls don’t like him.

2. Alex– Hints of 80s vocals with 90s radio pop rock. Musically happy, lyrically lovelorn, and very much in the vein of “Album” (prev album)

3. Die – Girls have turned into a heavier Oasis with a Blue Oyster Cult feel, surging into The Stooges crossed with Metallica. And I like it

4. Saying I Love You – Back to the Beach Boys, with a breakup/cheating song. Details unclear, but Owens seems sad: “You made me blue.” Hmmm

5. My Ma – Lots of reverb, Band of Horses style vocals, and oozing slide guitar let this one flow quite nicely.

6. Vomit – We’ve all heard and fallen in love with this depressingly awesome song that ends up as Great Gig In The Sky. Listen. Now.

7. Just A Song – This song confuses me, but not necessarily in a bad way. Apparently love is just a song. Who knew?

8. Magic – Good groove with a bit of a Beatles sound.

9. Forgiveness – Slow soothing songs seem to be the direction Girls are heading in. “No one’s gonna find any answers.” Pretty sweet song.

10. Love Like A River – Old school country rock song. Probably one of the simplest but best songs on the whole album.

11. Jamie Marie – One vocalist. Two guitars. Raw recording with brutally honest lyrics. “I miss the way life was when you were my girl.”

Closing thoughts: The album is a bit all over the place, with their Beach Boys stylings of “Album” still shining through on a bunch of tracks, interspersed with their new psychedelic sound a-la Pink Floyd. But the album truly shines during the last few songs, where they dig deep musically and come up with some beautiful country style rock songs, bringing a very Wilco theme to the album’s close, without copying or sounding derivative. Hopefully these last track are indicative of where there sound is going.

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