Bon Iver + James Blake – Fall Creek Boys Choir

Somewhere between the releases of his first and second albums, Justin Vernon of Bon Iver made the move from lo-fi homegrown recordings to much broader sounds, including full bands, horns, and even some electronic sounds to his music. Yet, despite this sound broadening, and despite his many collaborations with hip hop soundmaster Kanye West, I could not have forseen this coming. A Bon Iver + James Blake collab.

The song is a gorgeous track that manages to maintain a balance between the soulful acoustic glory that Justin Vernon excels at, while adding layers and layers of electronic zip and zaps that sound neither overproduced, nor overdone. It’s the perfect marriage of lo and hi fi, and it’s making me quite happy on this dreary Wednesday afternoon.

Blake, the British electronic composer has been performing the song live for some time now, under the name Enough Thunder. Today, he put the song up on YouTube under the title Fall Creek Boys Choir, with the note that it (something?)  will be released next week on iTunes.

James Blake & Bon Iver – Fall Creek Boys Choir

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