Bon Iver – 930 Club

Some musicians are able to exude a certain aura onstage. They have something inside of them that’s more than just a performer or an entertainer. There’s a certain pining in the performance that draws the audience into the private world of the songwriter, inspiring and stunning them. But when those listening at home can experience these same feelings, the same connection to the music and chills during the performance, you know that this is a special performer.

Justin Vernon, the frontman for Bon Iver, is a special performer. This bootleg from a recent show at the 930 Club in Washington DC shows just that. The songs off his new self-titled album are pulled off in fantastic form. The full band with a horn section is able to beautifully transform these studio gems into gorgeous live songs. All the tracks and looping and layers of the album, were somehow replicated, and the depth and breadth of all of the songs shined through magnificently. The older tracks too benefitted from the added musicians and instruments, as Bon Iver explored the sonic limits of these simple acoustic songs.

But in the end of the day, the music has to speak for itself. And this time, it most definitely does. Grab the entire show here or stream the individual tracks below.

1. Perth
2. Minnesota, WI
3. Towers
4. Holocene
5. Creature Fear
6. Flume
7. Hinnom, TX
8. Wash.
9. Brackett, WI
10. Blood Bank
11. Re: Stacks
12. Calgary
13. Wolves (Act I and II)
14. Skinny Love
15. Beth/Rest
16. For Emma

2 responses to “Bon Iver – 930 Club

  1. Oooh, great boot! Thanks for posting.

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