5 months

As July slips into August, the summer begins to wane, and everyone enjoying break, the weather, or any other benefits of summertimes start to feel the nerve-wracking pull that September inevitably brings along with it. But the end of July for me is more than just a moment when the summer seems to be too far gone, wasted, and underused.

Rewind a year ago, to July 26th 2010. It was Elana’s birthday, but despite the joy of that occasion, we felt very unsettled, with my joblessness and Gilad’s ticking clock. And then, one after another, things began to happen. I got a job. We got engaged. We moved to Boston. Gilad passed away. Elana started school. We got married. Ilan passed away.

And then, we began our life together. A beautiful and brilliant life, filled with joy, excitement, and love. So now it’s been a year since everything was up in the air. In some ways it feels much much longer. In others, it feels like yesterday. But what has gotten me through this year that’s seen the most glorious highs, and the lowest lows, is the love of my life – Elana. So just days past our five month anniversary, and your birthday, please take this post as a public declaration and a reminder of my appreciation for you, and my love to you.

These past five months have been amazing, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

The Tallest Man On Earth – Love Is All

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