Rare Pearl Jam Songs Turn Up

Update: The @PearlJamTwenty twitter name has been taken down, along with the Megaupload files. I have chosen to take down the one file I was previously streaming. 

Who really is behind the @PearlJamTwenty Twitter handle? Is it some super fan that somehow has ridiculously rare material that he or she has now decided to release? Is it Eddie Vedder or Cameron Crowe or someone else close to the band who has been given the go-ahead to drop these shelved tracks in honor of the band’s 20th Anniversary? Or is this just a well constructed fake by a creatively annoying individual?

That’s up for you to decide. You can grab all the tracks on Twitter, or listen to Mookie Blaylock demo Touch Me I’m Dick (the infamous track from the movie “Singles” which is really just Mudhoney’s Touch Me I’m Sick with some creative word swapping), below. Enjoy!

Mookie Blaylock (?) – Touch Me I’m Dick File Removed

One response to “Rare Pearl Jam Songs Turn Up

  1. I can’t wait for PJ20! They have a new contest going on where you can win a free intimate screening of the documentary! Their playlist on Spotify matches my afternoons perfectly. http://open.spotify.com/user/myplay.com/playlist/2RrwYnpe54sfwJUV57YfFL