Tracks From Nowhere Near You

There’s been a bit of buzz on the internet about the upcoming charity album “Live From Nowhere Near You, Vol II,” a 3-disc release which will be featuring unreleased and rare material from a number of my favorite musicians. So far two of the tracks have been released/leaked, and they’re shared below. Beneath that is the album information, which you should definitely buy here, since 100% of the profit will donated to charity to help homeless youth.

Eddie Vedder, Julian Casablancas, Josh Homme, and Fabrizio Moretti – Mercy Mercy Me (Marvin Gaye cover)

Isaac Brock – Dead End Job At The Dead Letter Office

Album Description

Kevin Moyer went into his attic studio alone with an idea and emerged with an emotionally vibrant compilation full of life and found sounds. By collaborating street musicians with friends and music professionals, he tells a story of life on the streets and the roads leading to and from there.

With thick layers of raw and polished instrumentation, the music hits like waves of emotion eddying between the warmth of a large wool blanket and the cold of a concrete pillow.

As the sounds of turntable beats wind through crowded streets and dark alleys, inspired guitars and haunting vocals dig into your chest and squeeze your heart.

Volume One was released in 2003 (and is also available in our store here). This is Volume Two.

· Beautifully packaged 3 cd set with over 210 minutes of music!
· Booklet with track info and stories included
· Bonus Songs Download w/ full set purchase
· Many rare and exclusive tracks only available on this comp!
· 100% of profits donated to charity

Partial Artist List:
Daniel Johnston • Modest Mouse • Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam • Stone Gossard and Mike McCready of Pearl Jam • Tango Alpha Tango • The Black Ryder • The Strokes • James Mercer of The Shins • Wilco • Kevin and Anita Robinson of Viva Voce • Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney • Chris Funk and John Moen of The Decemberists • Elliott Smith • The Helio Sequence • The Upsidedown • The Dandy Warhols • Spoon • Ryan Adams • The Presidents of the United States of America • Bright Eyes • Dan Reed • Danny Seim of Menomena • Dave Allen of Gang of Four • Evan Railton of Swords • Greg Oden of The Portland Trailblazers • Imani Coppola • The Ettes • Joe Purdy • John Doe of X • Joshua Homme of Queens of the Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club • The Robots • Keith Schreiner of Dahlia • Logan Lynn • Mic Crenshaw of Hungry Mob • Mike Watt of The Minutemen • Nathan Jr of Duover • Neil Gust of No. 2 and Heatmiser • Pete Droge • Pete Miser of the Five Fingers of Funk • Third Eye Blind • Seth Lorinczi of the Golden Bears • Shawn Smith of Brad and Satchel • Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree • of Dead Prez • Thomas Lauderdale of Pink Martini • …AND MANY MORE

Download will include a handful of preview tracks that will be available immediately upon placing your pre-order. On release day, the same download link will contain the entire release plus added bonus tracks.

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