Bruce Springsteen – Cleveland 2005

Clarence Clemons, the saxophonist for the E-Street Band, suffered a stroke sometime on Sunday. While the initial prognosis was not great, it seems that he’s made amazing strides today in terms of his recovery, and his condition is improving. Rolling Stone has a report here, and Lady Gaga posted a get-well tweet here.

I know this Bruce bootleg is acoustic and lacks the E. Streeters, including Mr. Clemons. But it’s quite a great boot (thanks Tim!) and I figured it was appropriate to post it here.

Grab the entire show here, stream the tracks below, and make sure to have your thoughts and prayers with Clemons. Get well, Clarence.

1. My Beautiful Reward
2. Reason To Believe
3. Devils and Dust
4. Youngstown
5. Lonesome Day
6. Black Cowboys
7. Incident on 57th Street
8. Stolen Car
9. Part Man Part Monkey
10. Maria’s Bed
11. The Line
12. Reno
13. Wreck On The Highway
14. Racing In The Street
15. The Rising
16. Further On (Up The Road)
17. Jesus Was An Only Son
18. Leah
19. The Hitter
20. Matamoros Bank
21. I’m On Fire
22. Land Of Hope And Dreams
23. The Promised Land
24. Dream Baby Dream

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