Eminem – Comerica Park (9-3-10)

I need to start off by thanking Mystic Chords of Memory for posting this show. As one of the best sources of bootlegs on the web, his site is irreplaceable. An now for the music:

I always feel a bit weird when posting rap or hip hop; I know very little about the genre and my knowledge of the music itself pales in comparison to other styles. Nevertheless, I’ll ignore my ignorance and try to explain to you why this bootleg is so good.

Like most of the rappers I like (Tyler the Creator, Arrested Development, Aesop Rock, Talib Kweli – and yes, I know I just gave a laundry list that belongs on the site Stuff White People Like) one of Eminem’s strongest suits is his enunciation. The speed at which he is able to rap, without swallowing any words or slurring his voice isn’t just impressive; it lends the music more intensity and fire. Yes, his beats are fantastic, his lyrics are poignant and intelligent, but it’s the inner turmoil – which you not only hear but also feel through the way that he sings – that puts him a step above the rest.

In Cinderella Man, he says “I spit every rap as if it’s my last.” This line very well may be what makes him so interesting, entertaining, and impossible to stop listening to . That desperate intensity of every single line that streams from his mouth put him up there with the greatest.

At this show, joined by an all-star guest lineup including D12, B.O.B., Drake (though I can’t take him seriously because I really only think of him as Jimmy Brooks in Degrassi), 50 Cent, Jay-Z, and Dr. Dre, Eminem is at the top of his game. Intense, entertaining, spitfire, and brilliant – this bootleg shows Eminem at the absolute top of his game in this long-awaited hometown show.

Head over to MCOM for a download of the full show, or stream/grab the individual tracks below.

1. Won’t Back Down / 3 A.M.
2. Square Dance / W.T.P. / Kill You
3. Welcome 2 Detroit (with Trick Trick)
4. No Love / So Bad
5. Cleaning Out My Closet / The Way I Am
6. We’re Back
7. Fight Music / Purple Pills (with D12)
8. My Band (with D12)
9. Airplanes, Pt. II / Stan (with B.O.B. & Liz Rodriguez)
10. Sing For The Moment / Like Toy Soldiers
11. Forever (with Drake)
12. Patiently Waiting (with 50 Cent)
13. I Get Money / In Da Club (with 50 Cent)
14. ‘Till I Collapse / Cinderella Man
15. Ladies
16. Love The Way You Lie (with Liz Rodriguez)
17. Renegade(with Jay-Z)
18. My Name Is / The Next Episode / Still D.R.E. (with Dr. Dre)
19. Nuthin’ But A “G” Thang / Detox (with Dr. Dre)
20. Crack A Bottle / The Real Slim Shady / Without Me
21. Not Afraid
22. Lose Yourself

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  1. Damn, the first time in ages I spend some time surfing my favorite blogs and I come across your amazingly kind words about MCOM. I’m nothing without you real bloggers that take time to write reviews, share opinions and experiences. I just post music for others to enjoy and discover. Keep up the amazing work, I love discovering new music on your blog. Thanks again!