PJ20 – This Is Not For You

I always thought this song was about the record companies and tag-along fans. Never realized it was for the die-hards who year after year pay 10Club dues and the ever-rising fees for shows.

I’m speaking, of course, of the clusterfuck that is the ticket-buying process for the upcoming PJ20 festival. I won’t be in attendance, but my heart goes out to those who are spending their day futilely trying to score tickets.

Good luck guys.

Update: Sometime yesterday, Pearl Jam announced that their overloaded website was in fact down. It’s kind of hilarious and kind of expected. Either way, here’s the release:

Sorry our store is temporarily closed please read below.

Our IT brains are still working diligently to rectify the Alpine ticketing situation.

There are currently some people who already had items in their carts and who are able to continue the checkout process, very slowly.

Here’s what we’re going to do:

— Those who were already in the check-out process, stick with us and we’re going to try to process your order.

— Those who aren’t already, give it a rest tonight so we can get those who are officially in the middle of the check-out process checked out and work on the site.

— We are going to close the store tonight to ANY NEW TICKET ORDERS in order to work on the system for tomorrow.

— At 8am PT tomorrow morning, we will post on the Ten Club “news” section information regarding when the Alpine ticket sale will resume.

— If it’s still not working at 8am PT, we will say that.

— If it’s working at 8am PT, we’ll provide a time for when the onsale will resume, which be AT LEAST TWO HOURS later, so that everyone has time to prepare.

–The good news is, there are PLENTY of tickets still available.


Due to the problems surrounding today’s Alpine pre-sale, the Ten Club is going to postpone the Canada Pre-sale to

Wednesday May 25th (during the same hours as previously scheduled) to help ensure all systems are up and running smoothly.

Once again, we’re really sorry this happened and will do everything we can to fix it as soon as possible.

Pearl Jam – Not For You

2 responses to “PJ20 – This Is Not For You

  1. this song rocks
    tickets for shows should always just be max 2 tickets, no hard tickets, you must have an ID with the purchaser’s name on it. I want to kill all scalpers ever. they ruin live music.

  2. It actually works like that for Pearl Jam. Only club members can buy for the presale, and it’s one pair per member, and you don’t get your tickets until the day of the show, and can’t pick them up without a photo ID matching the name on the club account.
    The problem is that there are just too many rabid fanclub members at this point, so the site crashes every time something big goes on sale.