Songs On An Instrument That Isn’t A Guitar

I came into an album of songs that are played on an instrument other than a guitar. It happens to be a stringed instrument with four strings, and also happens not to be a violin or mandolin.  The musician may go by Jerome Turner, or possibly Wes C. Addle. But probably not.

Either way, here are my thoughts on it, in 140 characters or fewer, per track.

1. Can’t Keep – I never really liked the original, but the uke version is actually really nice.

2. Sleeping By Myself – Classic EV song. Lyrics seem nice. Initial thoughts = perty.

3. Without You – Intro sounds like Battle of Evermore. Fantastic chorus. “For every wish up on a star that goes unanswered in the dark…”

4. More Than You Know – I love when Eddie Vedder harmonizes with Eddie Vedder. And the little blues turnaround at the end is sweet.

5. Goodbye – Really sounds like Soon Forget. I guess that’s what happens when you put out solo uke songs. Pretty though…

6. Broken Heart– Baritone. Sigh.

7. Satellite – More harmonizing. “Days turn into nights, turn into today.” Cant argue with that. Liking the Porch-esque rhythm in the chorus

8. Longing To Belong – Starts with a phone ring? Don’t remember that from the other version. Also, Ed is old school with a standard ringtone

9. Hey Fahkah – Wait, what?

10. You’re True – Pinball Wizard? Nah. Just one of the awesomest EV solo songs ever. I really love this one.

11. Light Today – Is Eddie becoming evangelical? “I saw the light today…” Harmless song which I could see growing on me.

12. Sleepless Nights – Wasn’t this on the ’02 PJ Holiday Single? Speaking of which, where’s the ’10 Holiday Single? Did the ’09 ever come?

13. Once In A While – Cool chord changes. Fun interlude. “Content knowing you think of me once in a while…”

14. Waving Palms – Imagine the sound palm trees make while waving in the wind. Now play that on a uke for 36 seconds. Done.

15. Tonight You Belong To Me – Who is that girl singing with Eddie? Pretty crooner song. Me like.

16. Dream A Little Dream – Eddie channels Tom Waits for this one. I love his voice right now. Ed: Please sing like this forever.

One response to “Songs On An Instrument That Isn’t A Guitar

  1. Where can I hear the rest of the album?